Finnish schools on the move program 2012-2015

Research and follow-up

The goals of the follow-up are to investigate

  • how local projects start up
  • how local projects develop in their aims to increase physical activity into a school day
  • how the actions affect students’ physical activity and the school communities

The research and follow-up is divided into three different levels in the participating schools:

1. A follow-up for all local projects in the program in 2012–2015 (questionnaires for project coordinators).
2. A general follow-up for 17 local projects in 2012–2015 (questionnaires and interviews for project coordinators, questionnaires for students and staff).
3. Nine schools participate in (Students’ physical activity and well-being research study in 2012–2015) the extended follow-up, which includes

  • student quesitionnaires
  • Move! measurements
  • physical activity measurements with accelometers.