Pilot phase 2010-2012

 During the pilot phase of the programme (2010-2012), 21 local regional projects were carried out, involving a total of 45 schools and 10,000 grade 1-9 students throughout Finland. The progress of the local projects was monitored by surveys of their coordinators and school staff. At the student level, the aim of the evaluation was to determine the levels of and changes in self-reported and objectively measured physical activity during the pilot phase.

One purpose of the study related to the pilot phase was to gather basic information on objectively measured physical activity and the sedentary time of Finnish school-aged children. Physical activity was measured objectively by accelerometers. The results provided novel Finnish data on the objectively measured physical activity of 698 primary and secondary school students, both during the school day and outside school hours.

Pilot phase reports:
(English summary available on the links)

Final report on the Finnish Schools on the Move programme’s pilot phase 2010–2012.
Physical Activity of School-aged Children.
A more pleasant and peaceful learning environment – School staff’s experiences and views on promoting a physical activity based operating culture in school.
On the way to School. School commutes and the promotion of active commuting amongst school-aged children.