Longitudinal determinants of sedentary behavior and physical activity

at different phases of life

An overly sedentary lifestyle has recently been recognised as a risk for health and well-being. This study provides information on the dynamics of sedentary behavior at different ages, how demographic, socioeconomic, psychological, and health-related factors determine the level and changes in sedentary behavior at different phases of life, and the interrelationships between sedentary behavior and physical activity during the life-course.

Data will be obtained from three large prospective follow-up studies representing different phases of life: the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study (YFS), the ESTER Study and the Finnish Schools on the Move Study. Sedentary time and physical activity have been both self-reported and measured objectively by accelerometers or pedometers among children, young adults and middle-aged adults.

Understanding the dynamics and determinants of sedentary behavior is important to ensure the effectiveness of interventions and actions to reduce sedentary lifestyles at different ages.


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