Enhancement of physical activity

Our goal in this research area is to identify the determinants of physical activity, inactivity and sedentary behavior, and to provide solutions to increase physical activity and decrease sedentary behaviour.

We aim to answer the following research questions: what factors affect physical activity in different phases of life? What would be the best possible ways to enhance physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour among different age groups? How active are different age groups, especially children and young people, when measured objectively?

We develop action models and good practices to enhance physical activity and to deduct passivity and study the impressiveness of the actions. In the different research projects we develop and put into operation the best possible physical activity measurement methods. In addition we evaluate PA self-reported and objective measurement methods’ validity and reliability.

The on-going research projects:

In addition, based on the results from the physical inactive lifestyle in adults research project, there is an ongoing developmental project called Motivating mother peer-groups to move.

More information:

Tammelin Tuija

Research director

Phone 040 024 7998