Physical activity and muscle metabolism control

The post doctoral study of Maarit Lehti, Ph.D. is focused on exploring significance of main protein of sarcomere, titin, and proteins connected to it, on tissue metabolism regulation.

It is well known that physical activity has a beneficial effect on metabolism. Effects of exercise on function of muscle cell are mediated by signaling pathways. Sarcomere is the smallest unit of the contractile machinery and, as such, the center of action in every type of physical exercise. In biological systems, it is very common that key workers are also key regulators. However, very little is known about the contribution of sarcomere on the cell signaling.

Expected results will produce novel scientific information of skeletal muscle signaling mechanisms induced by muscle contractile activity as well as involvement of sarcomeric proteins in signaling processes. In addition, the results will give better understanding of molecular mechanisms behind beneficial effects of exercise and may lead to the development of new pharmacological targets for treatment of metabolic or muscle diseases.


Academy of Finland (2011-2013)
University of Cincinnati
Helmholz Zentrum München


Metabolic Diseases Institute, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Cincinnati (USA)
Helmholz Zentrum München (Germany)
Department of Biology of Physical activity, University of Jyväskylä

Lehti Maarit

Researcher (on a leave of absence)



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