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Finland's Report Card 2016 will be published on November 16, together with 37 other countries. More information on the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance can be found at

Finland’s Report Card 2016 on Physical Activity for Children and Youth is a research-based summary report regarding physical activity among Finnish children and adolescents and its promotion in various contexts. Physical activity for children and adolescents consists of several different parts throughout the day, and it is strongly connected to everyday routines, social networks and the living environment. Through the latest research results, the Report Card sheds light on the state of physical activity of children and adolescents through ten indicators.

Everyone working with children and adolescents and influencing their lives can facilitate their physical activity. Such agents can be children’s families, friends, early childhood education, schools, healthcare, sports clubs and other associations, among others. Municipalities, as well as the Finnish Parliament, make decisions that intentionally or inadvertently affect the conditions for physical activity among children and adolescents.Promoting children and adolescents’ wellbeing with physical activity is included in the Finnish Government Programme, and the concrete goal is to engage every school-aged child and adolescent in physical activity for at least one hour a day.

Five research institutions produced the Report Card. The LIKES Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health coordinated the compilation process, which was funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

For further details, please download a summary material (slideshow): Finland's Report Card 2016Tuloskortti 2016

Download the publication: Finland's Report Card 2016

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