Leading research on physically active life

LIKES focuses on physically active life. We conduct and publish research, provide expert information for decision-making, and coordinate development projects and large national action programmes.

Research is the key to understanding wellbeing

Our research and development projects offer scientific and practical information for promoting physical activity and health in society as well as everyday life.

We offer expertise in

  • daily physical activity at all ages
  • physically active culture in early education, schools, vocational and academic education, and workplaces
  • improving wellbeing and learning capability with physical activity
  • evaluation studies
  • multidisciplinary networks.

LIKES coordinates national programmes

Joy in Motion

Joy in Motion is a nationwide physical activity and well-being programme covering early childhood education and care. The goal is to encourage children to enjoy physical activity on a daily basis.

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Schools on the Move

Finnish Schools on the Move is a national action programme promoting a physically active culture in Finnish schools. Schools and municipalities participating in the programme implement their own individual plans to increase physical activity during the school day.

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Students on the Move

Students on the Move programme aims to increase physical activity and study ability among students in upper secondary and higher education.

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Adults on the Move

Adults on the Move programme (former Fit for Life programme) promotes well­being and phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty of wor­king-aged peop­le.

Schools on the Move has been a success story in Finland. We are ready to share the best practices, experiences and solutions internationally.

See Schools on the Move homepage for further information.

Contact information

Eino Haas

Eino Havas

Head of Department Likes Head of Department Likes +358500605527 eino.havas@jamk.fi

Tuija Tammelin

Tuija Tammelin

Principal Researcher Research on physical activity and health +358400247998 tuija.tammelin@jamk.fi

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Adolescents’ subjective social status at school is associated with physical activity

The low level of physical activity among young people has become a common societal concern. This study sought new information on the backgrounds of adolescents’ physical activity. The aim was to find out whether the adolescents’ subjective social status is related to physical activity.

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Girls are less physically active during the school day than boys; during leisure time, the differences diminish

A recently published follow-up study showed that changes in physical activity during the teen years are different between the sexes.

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Time spent watching television does not replace physical activity for Finnish men – unlike for Finnish women